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HSc 411B: Health Science for Teachers

Catalog Description. Prerequisite: Upper division Standing. Co-requisite: Current CPR Certification required. Contemporary teaching of health education in the secondary schools; emphasizes coordinated school health, integrating health content and instruction into other subjects, drugs, sexuality, nutrition, child abuse prevention, violence, community and human ecology. Includes practical classroom problem solving. Based upon California Health Framework, meets state credential requirements. Not open for credit to health science majors or minors.

HSc 425: Human Sexuality and Sex Education

Catalog Description. Prerequisite: G.E. Foundation, one or more Exploration courses, and upper-division standing. Recommended: PSY 100. 
Biomedical, sociological, and psychological aspects of human sexuality, the communication of sexual information, the implementation, content and evaluation of family life and sex education in the schools.

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